Z Magazine was an indie print magazine I edited, designed, did makeup and photography for, and produced from 2011 – 2013. The intent was to create a magazine written by zombies, for zombies, full of humorous, thoughtful, and sometimes dark articles and “ads.” Z Magazine created a world of intelligent zombies, with a nuanced, complicated society within the 60 pages of each edition. It grew into something awesome with writers and artists around the world. This was truly a unique project! I tried to sell it at conventions to make up for production costs and, for a short while, online. 

Unfortunately, due to high manufacturing and shipping costs and limitation in distribution to name a few, the magazine ended with its final edition in 2013. I tried floating it online for a while, but these beauties are truly meant to be experienced like a real print magazine.

My goal with Z Magazine was never to make money off it, but to share this crazy cool world with anyone willing to read. Because of this, I’m offering free PDFs of each edition for anyone interested in taking a look at the articles and content people have produced, and to recognize their efforts. It’s a tragedy to me that I couldn’t make this project into something more, and will always appreciate those who worked with me on the 4 editions we created. 

Rights to content reverted back to contributors in 2015, which means contributors are free to submit or display their work anywhere they like. However, Z Magazine still retained the right to display their work as long as there was any demand for it. I figured it was much better to have the magazine displayed somewhere rather than let it sit on my computer gathering dust. Thanks again to every writer, model, artist, editor, and contributor who took part in Z Magazine!


Will you ever do anything with Z Mag again? While I do see the possibility of a future edition, it would be in the very distant future. For now the digital versions of the magazine are available to anyone who'd like to read them. 

Are there still print editions? I have about two of each edition left.

I contributed to one of these editions and have a question, comment, or concern. Who do I contact? Please do not hesitate to contact me at eloise@eloisejknapp.com!

Are these for sale anymore? No. At this point the magazine is up for display and enjoyment only, not for sale.


Contributors: Rocky Alexander, Colin Anderson, Joseph Berg, Christopher Bleakley, Kevin J. Coolidge, Katie Cord, Gregory Coquelz, Kara Dee, Pierrie DeVos, Mathias Jansson, David Jones, Jan Karlsson, Michelle Kilmer, John MacLeod, David Miserque, Will Rutledge, Dee Streiner, Allen Taylor, Daniel V., Greg Walters. 


Download 4th Edition


Contributors: Rocky Alexander, Craig W. Chenery, Kevin J. Coolidge, Kara Dee, John MacLeod, Brady de Cusack, Robert Elrod, Matthew Ficner, Goatboy, Kevin Hopson, John Isawz, Maeryn Maxine, Alexa Newsom, Stu Parker, Evan Roy, George Siliman, Tony Schaab, Allen Taylor. 


Download 3rd Edition

2nd edition

Contributors: L.J. Landstrom, Dominick Barbero, Joseph Berg, Josh Bile Cantrell, Shawn Conn, Gregory Coquelz, Kara Dee, Bill Killen, Tim Kirk, David Miserque, S. Neumann, Alexa Newsom, Optimystical Studios, Pierrie DeVos, Bonnie Poole, Evan Roy, Tony Schaab. 


Download 2nd Edition


Michael Berg, Joseph Berg, Alexa Newsom, Colin J. Cole, L.J. Landstrom, J.M. Cole, S. Neumann, B. Landstrom, Austin Haggarty, Robert Elrod. 


Download 1st Edition