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Everyone thought the world would end in a rain of atomic fire; no one suspected it would come from a piece of bad fish.

An unidentified and aggressive illness begins spreading in North Dakota, and the nation panics. People are becoming sick, losing their minds, and murdering each other in disturbing ways. The government is struggling to come up with a solution, but as the epidemic mutates within the civilian population, its grip grows stronger.

Dom is thousands of miles away near Seattle, witnessing his city collapse. The pandemic hasn't even reached them, but people are panicking and rioting as though it's already there. Holed up in his apartment with his best friend and girlfriend, Dom fears the worst.

Dr. Adam Baker dreamt of a different life; one full of scientific discoveries and not a failed marriage and twin daughters who hate him. But when the opportunity to make a difference arises and his team has to find a solution to this national crisis, he finds that what he wanted is more than he bargained for.

Who will survive in the wake of this devastation?

Who is Eloise?

Eloise J. Knapp does a lot of things. If you ask her, she has way too many hobbies. She is an author, a designer/photographer, a YouTuber, and an occasional cosplayer to name just a few. Here you’ll find a bit of everything, but please do check out her Facebooks and YouTube for new content daily and weekly.

The Author

Knapp is the author of The Undead Situation and The Undead Haze, published by Permuted Press. These novels follow one Cyrus V. Sinclair's experience in the zombie apocalypse.

The Designer & Photographer

This website? The covers of her novels? Yep, Knapp had a hand in it. She has a bachelor’s in graphic design and creates book covers, all her own promotional and marketing materials, and anything else she wants or needs to. She does the special effects for her zombie photography, too.

The YouTuber

In the past year Eloise began devoting more time into her YouTube channel. She creates how to videos, author humor, zombie related vids, and vlogs. She uploads new videos every week.

The Cosplayer

Cosplay is a hobby Eloise only recently began exploring, but she enjoys it immensely. Not only does she create her own cosplays, but has designed and fabricated them for friends as well. She created the Comedian, Silk Spectre, and TF2 Engineer cosplays below.
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