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About the Author

Eloise J. Knapp hails from Seattle and never complains about the rain. She is a graphic designer by day and author by night. Knapp's work includes The Undead Situation trilogy and Anisakis Nova series. When not writing you'll find her hiking the Pacific Northwest. Knapp's work includes Pulse: Genesis, Pulse: Retaliation, The Undead Situation, The Undead Haze, and The Undead Ruins.

You can find Knapp almost everywhere on the web. She uploads videos on writing, cosplay, and anything under the sun to her YouTube channel. She loves interacting with fans on her Fan Page, posting pictures and asking questions. She also posts the occasional short story on her blog. For frequent updates on progress on upcoming books and pics of Eloise's culinary adventures, and other cool stuff, be sure to find her on Twitter!

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Coming Soon

When Ethan Knight wakes up on Alki Beach in Seattle, he has no memory of the last four years, and only fragments of his early life. Disoriented and experiencing drug withdrawal, he quickly finds himself assimilated into a life of crime. Unable to go to the police for help, Ethan abandons any hope of remembering his past.

Now, seven years later, a dangerous drug arrives on the streets that interferes with the brain’s ability to record memories. When affluent campaign manager Olivia Holloway shows up on Ethan’s doorstep claiming she’s losing time like he did, he realizes that with her help, he may finally unravel the mystery that has long plagued him.

As Ethan and Olivia embark on a fast-paced journey to reclaim their minds, they expose a complex web of greed, corruption, and sex that is far more twisted than either anticipated.

Novels by Eloise J. Knapp

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