The Undead Situation (Book 1)

The dead are rising. People are dying. Civilization is collapsing. 

When the end finally occurred, everything about it was cinematic. The dead came back and ate people, civilization collapsed, and no one could do a thing. 

But Cyrus V. Sinclair couldn’t care less; he’s a sociopath. 

Amidst the chaos, Cyrus sits back and contemplates the gore stained streets and screams of his fellow man with little more emotion than one of the walking corpses. With his cache of guns and MREs, he rather likes the idea of hunkering down in his Seattle apartment while the world ends outside. 

All is well and good for Cyrus… until he meets up with Gabe, a belligerent annoyance, and the other inconvenient survivors who cramp his style and force him to re-evaluate his outlook on life. It’s Armageddon, and things will definitely get messy. 

“As people turn into monsters, a monster learns how to be human.... The zombie apocalypse meets its match in sociopathic survivalist Cyrus V. Sinclair, the antihero of Eloise J. Knapp’s THE UNDEAD SITUATION.”
     —Craig DiLouie, author of THE INFECTION

The Undead Haze (Book 2)


When remorse drives Cyrus V. Sinclair to abandon his hidden compound, he’s unaware of the new dangers lurking in the zombie-infested world. He’ll have to wade through the vilest remains of humanity and hordes of zombies to settle scores and find the one person who might understand him. 

Only this time, it won’t be so easy. 

Zombies and unpleasant survivors aren’t the only thing Cyrus has to deal with. Not anymore. His conscience, well-armed fanatics, and a cannibal with a taste for redheads will prove to be his biggest enemies. 

Cyrus V. Sinclair. The “V” stands for… 

Well, you’ll just have to find out, won’t you? 

“Knapp breathes new life into the walking dead with this harrowing, fast-paced sequel. Anti-hero Cyrus Sinclair is a character you won’t soon forget!” 
     —Jim LaVigne, author of Plaguesville, USA



Audiobook (coming soon)

The Undead Ruins (Book 3)

A decade after the apocalypse started, Cyrus V. Sinclair, a mercenary for the leader of three survivor settlements, is part of a world repeating its mistakes. With most of the undead turned to dust and raiders giving up, everyone thinks they’re safe behind city walls. 

But after a town is brutally massacred, it seems no one is safe. Well-hidden, numbering in the thousands, and controlled by a new merciless leader, the crazies are stronger than ever before. When a familiar symbol keeps appearing amidst the chaos, Cyrus realizes an old enemy is back. 

Despite the turmoil, Cyrus finally sees things clearly. He has one goal: destroy the Brotherhood or die trying.

"Best. Cyrus. Yet." — Peter Clines, author of 14 and Ex-Heroes